fredag den 28. juni 2013

Foodie Penpal - June

I'ts been a couple of month since I've participated in the Foodie Penpal. In Marts I couldn't participate and I thought that I would be a part of the Foodie Penpal for April but I didn't get the mail, and then I kept putting of signing me op for the next month.

This month the person I send a box was Therese from Switzerland. I send her a box treats made from dandelion flowers and roses. This month Iva from London was my Foodie Penpal.

Iva is from Bulgaria and she lives near a Bulgarian store. Iva send me these wonderfuld things:

Cheese crackers  
The crackers reminded me of Pokeys.
They didn't taste of cheese.
It's called colourful salt
Seasoning for summer soup
In the recipe Iva send me it seams like this soup is kind of like tzatziki.  
Spread made from peppers, tomatoes, eggplant and spices
Organic vegetable cubes
Meatballs with beans
I gave this to my boyfriend because he was upset that I ate the crackers with out him. He said the meatballs was a little under seasoned.  

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