mandag den 30. september 2013

Foodie Penpal - September

It's now time for Foodie Penpal.

It's been a funny month of Foodie Penpal when I got the spreadsheet I found out that the person how send me a Foodie Penpal parcel last month (Jessica) is the person I was going to send to this month. 
When I got my parcel from Laura I first found it funny that the box looked like the box I send last month, and then slowly realized that it was the same box. 

 My Foodie Penpal Laura send me thees amazing thing:
 From the top left corner: Wafer Daisies (for decorating cupcakes), salted pumpkin seed, peppermint tea and scottish oatcakes.
 From the left: Fruit yo yo from pure fruit, English Breakfast tea and banana budding. 

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  1. Ha, really? How funny! I hope you enjoy.